6. October 2022

replica volkswagen kubelwagen

Replica Volkswagen Kubelwagen is produced by Intermeccanica. Intermeccanica is a custom coach builder since 1959. Price for factory built air cooled replica Kubelwagen starting from $51,200 (International price) http://intermeccanica.com/

Volkswagen Kubelwagen Replica
Volkswagen Kubelwagen Replica

Intermeccanica – turning dreams into reality for over 50 years.

The Intermeccanica TYP-82 Kubelwagen is a custom built high quality reproduction of the WWII jeep designed by Dr. Porsche and built by VW. Our Kubelwagen features Intermeccanica in-house designed and built tubular steel perimeter tube chassis and has a Canadian made one-piece composite body. The Kubelwagen by Intermeccanica is a wonderfull daily driver with a look and feel all of its own. Its low center of gravity makes for great road manners despite its almost 11 inches of ground clearence. No convertible can be more fun then this one to enjoy with your famly, an honest four seater with a functional ammunition can for your luggage. At home on the road as well as trail this is an adventure on wheels! Each TYP-82 Kubelwagen is meticulously assembled to the original specifications and incorporates only top quality components and materials.