self-balancing motorcycle

C-1 fully-enclosed self-balancing motorcycle
You have discussed many times the advantages and disadvantages of owning a motorcycle over a car, right? All those backing the bike team will tell you that motorcycles are lighter, consume less fuel, enjoy more maneuvers, are easily parked etc. On the other hand, those in favor of cars will tell you that bikes have their occupants left out on cold weather and rain. Well, that`s where C1 Lit Motors bike comes in handy! This one is fully enclosed, uses electric power as it is stable in accidents due to its use of gyroscopic stabilizing system which is controlled electronically.
The company has invented an operated model of the C1 Lit Motors stabilization system. However, they are still working on another model that will include hand built steel. That one should be ready in three months, according to the company. Anyway, motorcycles have indeed been taken on a higher level! You now have the C1 Lit Motors bike which has all the advantages over a car. It is safe, energy efficient and comfortable! Feel free to watch the video below and see how the C1 operates in real life situations. Will the day come when our streets will be filled with these bikes?