vw amarok V6 by delta4x4

VW Amarok V6 von delta4x4: For the Speedway and the Wild Woods too
James Holm is a Swedish photographer and a professional test driver. With this combination it’s no wonder that James made sure to get his hands on the first VW Amarok V6 TDI that was shipped to IKEA land. The new edition of this German car with its powerful 3 liter Diesel engine sporting up to 224 HP is the perfect match for James’ motor sport interests. And that a Scandinavian petrol-head wants to own a Pick-Up should come as no surprise.

Just like the fact that his first big trip with his new Power Pick-Up led straight to the Bavarian All-Terrain-Tuning-Experts delta4x4, with a wish list worth writing home about: better than its regular factory version, the Amarok should hug the road and be a bit higher, too, since it was not just the Grand Prix Speedway at Nuerburgring, the “Green Hell”, that was James’ new playground, but also the rugged terrain of the foreboding Scandinavian woods. And yes, a city vehicle to park in an underground garage while he is exploring Stockholm’s urban jungle was something the Amarok needed to be as well.
To satisfy every wish on the list, delta4x4 first gave the Amarok a moderate Body Lift-Kit, raising it by 50mm – although 14cm would have been possible, too, and a “delta-beast” fender extension of seven centimetres each. Now there is sufficient space in those wheel arch extensions to add the 285/60 R 18 Cooper Tires on those nine inch wide KlassikB delta rims. This gives him two advantages, custom made for the required range of use: a wider track of 130 millimeters, so that the Amarok sits solidly on the road; it includes a guide ring that can be replaced, thus protecting the rim from any damage that can occur when scaling open terrain. The upgrade completed, James went straight to the speedway at Nuerburgring and clocked below 10 minutes with his delta4x4 modified Amarok – the best Pick-Up results on the asphalt that day. Meanwhile, back in Sweden, he turned his Pick-Up into an all-terrain vehicle with those special Cooper A/T 3 tires, since the Grand Prix Speedway is not a natural habitat for an all-wheel Pick-Up, but the open terrain is.

VW Amarok V6 224PS/165kW: Mounted Parts: Delta Body Lift Kit 50mm; Fender Flares delta Wide Body +50mm; Wheels delta KlassikB with Protection Ring and Tires Cooper Discoverer 285/60R18, Front Bar delta basic 76mm – tested after the European pedestrian security regulations